It doesn’t take a lot to get kids to go outside and play. If you have something fun for them to do that is. If there aren’t any fun games that they have to play then they will probably just sit in a spot for a few minutes and then come back inside to their video games. Another reason why kids might choose to not play outside is because of the yard and how it’s set up. Kids want to play on fresh grass, not dirt and not grass that is higher than their ankles. If they have a flat running space they are more likely to stay outside longer than they would if they had a few grass patches with dirt in between.

There are a lot of opinions about having synthetic grass around your children. Is it safe? Is it filled with toxins that are going to hurt the kids or the animals that it comes into contact with? Well, you will happy to know that synthetic turf is completely safe for both children and animals. Here is why you should install synthetic grass in your yard for you and your children to enjoy.

Synthetic grass gives children a large flat running space. Not only does it look like freshly mowed grass and keep the ground level so there are no bumps or hills, but fake grass for dogs is also safer for kids. You won’t have to worry about your children coming inside with a hurt ankle or a scrapped arm because these turfs are made specifically for running and rolling around in. That’s why they use it for sports stadiums. It’s bouncier and softer than natural grass which means less injury.

If your want your kids to go outside and spend more time playing and being active than sitting inside on their video game systems, synthetic grass might be the way to go. They will throw or kick ball, they will race around the yard because it’s flat and bouncy, they will forget all about their consoles until nightfall because they will be having the time of their lives out on the new yard.

Kids get excited about new things. Even if it doesn’t make a big difference. If you get a new curtain they will find it amazing even if they have no use for it. But giving them something new in their own backyards, something that they can roll around on and get involved with will guarantee that they spend their days in the sun. Another pro of having synthetic grass installed is that they are less likely to come inside messy. Because there is no dirt involved with artificial turf so it’s almost impossible for them to ruin their clothes and get their shoes muddy.